Application Management und Support

We can offer many years of experience in SAP® process support in the modules

  • MM
  • PP
  • SD


Our goal is long term user support. We empower your key users and provide multipliers in your company. We have in-depth specialist knowledge in the mentioned modules.

Each project is considered objective, we never attempt processes to adapt to technology. Instead, we analyze your processes in detail and balance these with your SAP® system (Fit / Gap analysis). Only then can we discuss a possible course of action, helping you to reduce costs, simplify data access and enable your organization to respond more quickly to changes in the market you cater to.

Due to the automation of working steps you have much more control over your processes and thereby reduce your process failure rate significantly. Our responsible is the user part, for the programming part, ABAP, we have specialists that can immediately activate to partner up with us und specific projects.

The integration of business processes is our main task , we put great emphasis on maximizing your value while reducing your process costs. In particular, in conjunction with your existing subsystems, we pay attention to detail.

For this reason we have focused on the PP and MM SAP® modules. Here we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the basic structure and operation. Thus, we can optimally adapt the system to your business needs.

We can support you…

SAP® Roll Out

SAP® Migration

SAP® Implementierung


SAP® User Training

SAP® Helpdesk implementation

SAP® Key User Training

We often see that control-relevant data are for whatever reasons are not provided from the SAP® system. Users have often the problem to effectively provide system data for KPI’s, Dashboards or any other kind of analysis.

We have developed a KPI dashboard, which we customize and configure to your needs, so that you have your business information at a glance.

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