The best way to predict the future, is to create it

Willy Brandt (1913-1992), German politician, German chancellor and holder of the Nobel Peace Price


This is our motto. You obviously can’t foresee the future, but with a structured and organized process infrastructure you will be able to anticipate the expected output, in regards to …

Input factor





In the process analysis we distinguish between primary activities and support activities. We use best practices, and begin with an analyses based on figures, data and facts of your business processes and then we develop from that data pool a fit / gap report.

Together with you, it will be decided to what extent or how radical, the existing process structure should be adapted or modified. Here are both your strategic business direction for the future in focus as well as the immediate change of an imminent acute plight.

Depending on the decision, we start designing the target concept and begin the roll-out, ie the implementation. It has been proved useful to start with pilot areas to rule out possible gaps and …

  • to test the target process and if necessary adjust appropriately
  • to provide a benchmark department, to give orientation to other faculties

Depending on the implementation desired by you, the re-structuring can be radically according to BPR principles or more insidiously according to the TPM, TPS and Six Sigma principles. We have the entire range of methods at our disposal, and agree the right procedure for re-structuring with you.

We have been successful in implementing the following Methods and strategies, all the way to successful certification:

  • EFQM
  • SCOR
  • Six Sigma
  • BPR
  • TPS (or its related corporate programs)
  • ISO 9001

Especially within the analysis phase, accuracy is of utmost importance. In almost all of our projects we see that within the day to day operations the processes substantially deviate from the described processes within your process-infrastructure. Over time, this happens more or less in each company. This creeping deviation process usually does not happen intentionally, but is mainly a result of the adjustment of the staff to its environment and / or the corporate culture. This results in justification processes that have more or less nothing to do with the value-added activities of your company, and are solely established to maintain records for the employee in order to satisfy his or her conscience.

These alibi processes are real value destroyers and not moving the company forward. It is our duty, not to be stuck in that rut, and to eliminate these processes and to focus on the value added by each staff member. A clear framework is provided which can be controlled and monitored. We prevent the fall back into old patterns by implementing rules and professional checklist, thus, when the implementing consultant or interim manager is no longer on board, your process infrastructure remains stable and reliable.

We focus on sustainability…

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