Developed commodity strategies

We have successfully implemented product group strategies with significant savings for the following categories

  • Sheet Metal
  • castings
  • active and passive components
  • C – Parts Management
  • PCB’s
  • Rubber / metal parts
  • EMS Services
  • electric motors
  • Cables & connectors
  • Electronic hardware ( printers, scanners, keyboards , etc. )
  • Plastic parts / plastic injection

Cost Cutting fleet management

By merging a de-centralized fleet management organization into a central function for more than 30 cars and negotiating and finalizing a contract with a single OEM significant discounts have been achieved, which returned a sizeable cost saving and saved on additional costs for extra mileage, by standardizing the vehicles.

Outsourcing of vibration dampers to Vietnam

Successfully outsourced vibration dampers to a new supplier in Vietnam. Selected and qualified the new supplier including on site audits, SOP and run@rate manufacturing process. Project achieved a saving of 35%

Sourcing of active and passive components in China

Procured for various projects and products electronic active and passive components, Micro-chips, capacitors, etc… in China. Specialized in obsolete or discontinued parts or parts which are very difficult to procure.

Procurement of cast iron and aluminum castings in China

Selected cast iron and aluminum foundries and qualified them. Next process step machining, also outsourced to China. selected and qualified appropriate vendors for machined parts in China.

Procure machined steel parts in India

Procurement of machined steel parts for the automotive industry in India. Suppliers selected and qualified. Accompanied the whole process until sop

Re-Structuring purchasing & procurement organization

In the wake of a crisis we have been mandated with a Re-structuring project of an entire procurement organization. Redesigning the strategic purchasing positions and the disposition (operational procurement). Merging of departments, automation of processes. Elimination of maverick buying and significantly reducing the overhead and procurement costs

Developed and implemented a rating system for suppliers

Developed and implemented, via Balanced Score Cards a supplier rating and evaluation system for a customer in the field of mechanical engineering.

Freight tender

For customers from the mechanical engineering and electronic industries tendered the entire cargo volume and reassigned freight forwarder, incl. preparation of tender documents. Saving resulted in each case at approximately 20 %

Designed and implemented a commodity strategy for electronic components

At a customer the commodity management set up of electronic components with small quantities was spread out by region and various suppliers. After analysis of procurement and consumption and the vendor master data, it made sense to break this construct and to limit the component  procurement to just a few suppliers who could represent a wider range of products and are also more reliable in terms of delivery and supply. Specifically, the move to Asia, of some strategic components has led to significant savings.

Sourced a complete finished MDE Product from China

A manufacturer of mobile data devices has historically manufactured its devices in Germany, whereas all of the components came from different sources. The BOM listed more 1000 parts, which had to be managed individually, which turned out to be not only ineffective but also tied up an enormous amount of internal resources. We have been able to outsource the complete finished product to a qualified EMS in China. By doing so, we significantly reduced the costs of the product and freed internal resources.

Benchmark and selection of an EMS in China

In the course of a tender a new EMS in China was selected. We have been single handed the complete project. We handed over the supplier to the customer after start of sop. The project included various audits on site and a resident engineer , which was provided by us

Procurement of sheet metal for a vending machine manufacturer in China

We outsourced the complete sheet metal procurement for a manufacturer for vending machines to China.

Supplier benchmark for an assembly company

Arranged for a customer VA/VE workshops with suppliers to benchmark various assembly companies on complete devices.

Head of purchasing

On an interim base we headed the purchasing and procurement departments for various customers, including full accountability and responsibility.

Supplier audits according to VDA6.3

We conducted for various customers supplier audits on site according VDA 6.3 standard, among other regions we have been active in Germany, Russia, India, China and Vietnam

Software & licenses sourcing

Re-organized the procurement of software licenses. We bundled the license business within one supplier and achieved significant volume savings.

Supply Chain Management Developed a Milk-Run

For a customer from machining industry we developed an inbound milk-run and implemented that. By doing so, achieved significant savings on the freight costs.

3PL Logistic service center

For a customer in the area of automotive aftermarket we realized a complete new 3PL warehouse and service center.

Re-structured and re-organized a service center

We designed for a company in the electronics industry, a logistics and service center and implemented that, incl. a fully equipped repair center. As a result, the turnaround times reduced notably and the delivery performance improved significantly.

Re-structured intra-plant logistics

Re-structured intra-plant logistics to optimize fork lift routes to avoid empty runs.

Implementation goods supply (WIP) system for production islands within the shop floor

Implemented a supply supermarket and station system to supply production islands with daily supply trains according to a fixed timetable. As a result, the shop floor had WIP inventory reduced to just needed quantities (JNI-targets)

Head of logistics

On an interim base we headed the logistics departments for various customers, including full accountability and responsibility

Head of shipping and receiving

On an interim base we headed the shipping and receiving areas for various customers, including full accountability and responsibility

Freight scheduling

Implemented a scheduling tool to handle freight forwarder and to prevent intra plant jams.

Selected freight forwarder and logistic providers

In the course of make or buy analyzes outsourced various processes and selected logistics providers

Re organized procurement processes

System implementation of

  • Reorder Point Demand Schedule
  • Forecast planning
  • Processing orders automatically
  • delivery schedules
  • Vendor evaluation systems

Implemented S&OP

System implementation of S&OP for a machining company

Implemented S&OP

System implementation of S&OP for a High Tech company

Implemented dynamic planning system

Implemented a dynamic planning system and adjusted all MRP parameters within the system to avoid manual interference within the MRP processes.

Migrated corporate SAP system

We migrated a complete standalone SAP system on to a corporate system. Including full documentation and user training

Generating reports and KPI dashboards

Implemented various dashboards and reports for management KPIs.

Implemented EDI process and booking point routines with scanners

We implemented in and outbound EDI’s via Subsystems and implemented on a system level the use of scanners to secure booking point routine.

Implemented Kan-Ban (Pipeline) replenishment for shop floor

Implemented various Pipeline replenishment systems for different industries.

Master data clean up and new parameters

Master Data adjusted and clean up, especially for the MRP parameters. (MRP 1-4, Info records and source lists). Documentation and key user training

Organizational adjustment

Re-organization of operational areas. Eliminated all personal processes and implemented a functional process infrastructure documented and certified according to ISO 9001