Optimized Procurement
We help you to optimize your purchasing and procurement activities


Supply Chain Management
We assist you to optimize your value chain


Process Consulting
Re-structuring, Process maturity, SAP®-Consulting


Interim Management
We help you in times of crisis and short term vacancies


Solutions based consulting

Procure One as a privately held business has been moving away from mainstream traditional consulting firms. When starting the company, the owner had already in mind to fit the gap between traditional consulting and implementation. The focus needs to be on the implemented benefits for the customer, the customer needs to see immediate results, when hiring a business consultant.

Very early on, we recognized that the area of corporate consulting and the classic interim management is growing closer together. This is a fundamental change in the traditional consulting markets, the customer does not just want good advice, they want someone who implements and put wheels in motion. In the third largest consultant market worldwide, Procure One is very well positioned to conquer this fundamental change.

Procure One – global procurement with strategy and system.

ourr International Procurement Desk (IPD) is you procurement organisation on site in Asia. With our  large database of suppliers you will cut your procurement costs-  Your adavantage —  we are already there and assume all typical purchasing activities.

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All of our consultants are industry professionals with seniority and experience
We are specialized in Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain and SAP®. These are the areas of our expertise. We bring vast and detailed knowledge in order to implement the best solutions.
Seamless integration into the operational business without learning curve
Privately owned, personal, flexible, and extremely strong in implementing solutions
We are not just writing concepts and paper pamphlets, we realize measurable results
You will not find our work in colorful thick strategy papers, you will find our work directly within your P&L

Supply Chain


Interim Management